Géraud Soulhiol
Solo show

05/03/2020 - 07/05/2020
Opening 05/03/2020, 6 pm

Text byJulien Verhaeghe


Géraud Soulhiol’s solo show Arcadie at 22.48 m² is an opportunity to return to a practice focused on drawing. The four series of showcased compositions represent a variety of representations that are sometimes based on an immediate reality, and sometimes are conceived from scratch, drawing on the artist's imagination of invented landscapes and architecture.

The various compositions have in common a meticulous execution and the fineness of details ; the relatively humble formats make the whole of this practice bear comparison with an art of miniature. A sort of paradox then intervenes in Géraud Soulhiol's practice, in that his compositions call for more attentive observation, whereas they aspire to counterfeit the act of perception. Likewise, the rather chipped character of the structures he represents reinforces the allusion to a bygone era through the revelation of a semantics of ruin. The latter all the more confuses a gaze that would turn towards the future, infusing an atmosphere marked by a form of melancholy usually conducive to reverie. His work thus gives the appearance of a pictorial investigation aimed above all at trapping the gaze in various ways; above all, he brings the sense of vision back to an experience where rejoicing mingles with escape.


22,48 m²,

22,48 m², 30 rue des Envierges, 75020 Paris,  ph. +33(0)981722637, e-mail : contact(at)2248m2.com, metro : Jourdain/Pyrenées line 11 / bus : 26, Open: Wednesday - Saturday 2pm - 7pm or by appointment

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